This site is designed for Staff, Students and Parents. Each group has a separate section to find help with technology-related issues.

Common Issues & Requests

Incident IQ

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Other Services

Help Desk

  • Call Help Desk: 512-570-0566

View the Staff Directory page and filter by the “Technology” department for a complete listing of department staff.

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Elementary Student Support



Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


General Information

Acceptable Use Policy

Internet Filtering

Secondary Student Support


Adobe Creative Cloud


Google Chrome

Chrome must be the default browser on student devices. Students must only use their 艾美影库 profile to log into Google Chrome.

Google Classroom

Software Center

Student Home Access


m艾美影库 Devices

Lenovo Laptops

    • Printing at Home Options:
      • Connect to printer with a USB printer cable
      • Check to see if the driver is installed


General Information

Acceptable Use


Internet Filtering

Textbook Access

File Access at Home


  • Wifi is accessible in the parking lots of all High School campuses.

Staff Support

Device Support

Lenovo Devices

  • Settings
  • Troubleshooting


  • MacBooks
  • iPad
    • Self Service
    • Staff device enrollment (Staff ONLY)

Chromebooks & BYOD

  • If you are experiencing any of the following issues, you may need to .
    • Connectivity Issues
    • Various Software Issues
    • Various Hardware Issues

Classroom & Office Equipment

Document Cameras

Interactive Displays

Science Lab TVs

  • Campus with mounted Science Lab TVs – Support Documentation (coming soon)

Phones & Voicemail

Projector Support (Mac Devices)



Adobe Creative Cloud

Eduphoria Help Desk

  • 鈥 Support for the following:
    • Aware
    • Strive
    • Document Translation Requests
    • Spoken and Sign Language Interpretation Requests

Google Chrome

Google Processes


Installing Software

For licensed software that is not found in these tools, please contact [email protected].

  • Mac:
  • Windows:

General Information

Acceptable Use

Backing Up Your Files

  • Before a re-image, computer trade, and sometimes a repair, .

Device Distribution

Digital Resource Request

Software Approval is now the Digital Resource Request process 鈥 designed to keep our students’ data private and safe.

Digital Signatures

  • District-approved Method to


File Access at Home


  • Attendance Support
    • Contact Attendance Clerk (Secondary)
    • Contact Registrar (Elementary)
  • Grades Support
    • Contact Registrar

Internet Filtering

Music Download and Subscriptions

New Employee & Contractor Training



New Technology Purchases

Please refer to the Technology Purchasing Catalog for additional equipment purchases

The items in the catalog are designated as District Standard equipment

Note: Must seek prior approval to order laptops, desktops and printers.

VPN Access

Note: Must have Permission to Use. Please contact the Help Desk x10566


  • Wifi is accessible in the parking lots of all High School campuses.