I do not have access to HAC. Now what?

All registered families should have access to a Home Access Center Account. The user name will be the guardian’s email address. Please contact your campus registrar with questions. 

If you have accessed your HAC account previously and do not remember your password, click on the Forgot My Username or Password. If you are still not able to access, please contact your campus registrar or submit a ticket at .

If you have never accessed your HAC account, please contact your campus registrar or submit a ticket at .

If your student did not attend an 艾美影库 school during the current school year, please visit the New-student Registration page to learn more.

How can I update my information if I’m not the primary student contact?

Only the primary parent/guardian of a student will be able to complete the online registration and verification process. Requests to change contact information should be made with the campus registrar.

What if my email address changed?

If you feel you do not have a current email on file with your child’s campus, please contact the campus registrar.

My child isn’t coming back to 艾美影库 艾美影库. Do I still need to complete the registration process?

No. Please contact your child’s campus registrar to complete the withdrawal process.

What if I don’t know if my child will return to 艾美影库 艾美影库 next school year?

艾美影库 艾美影库 understands that future plans are not always clear. If you are unsure whether your child will return to 艾美影库 next school year, please go ahead and complete the Returning Student Verification process as though your child will return. If your family moves, please contact your campus registrar so that they may withdraw your student.

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